dental implants

A permanent solution for restoring your smile.

Restore your Smile with Dental Implants

If one or more of your teeth are missing, there are a number of ways to replace them. An alternative to bridges, partials or complete dentures may be dental implants. Implants are used to replace missing roots and support artificial replacement teeth. They are comfortable and look like natural teeth.

Cottage Country Dental is proud to offer Dental Implant services to our clients. Implants have the same functionality as natural dentition and in some cases offers better esthetic results, which makes them ideal for those looking for a permanent solution for dental issues. 
When a tooth is lost, there are different options for replacement and restoration. Rather than doing a bridge or dentures (or just leaving the space), Dental Implants provide a natural looking alternative.

Unlike removable dentures, Dental Implants are unmovable. They allow patients to bite normally without worry that something might shift. They also allow patients to brush, floss, and live their lives as though they have fully natural teeth. Some of the other advantages of Dental Implants are that they help maintain and preserve bone height, they don’t require grinding down the adjacent teeth in order to place a bridge, and that they prevent the adjacent teeth from shifting, which can help keep the jaw bone healthy and preserve the contour of the face. Maintenance of the new tooth is easy, too: good home care and dental hygiene, plus visits to your dentist and hygienist will help you maintain your smile! 

The best way to know if a Dental Implant is the right restorative treatment for you is to book a consultation. Many different factors contribute to the viability of the procedure, including overall health, age, the condition of the adjacent teeth, and the health of the jaw bone. If it is the right solution for you, the talented Dentists at Cottage Country Dental will start with a preliminary session where they ensure that the jaw bone can support a Dental Implant. Then, they’ll take photos of your smile and shade match to ensure that your new tooth fits flawlessly into your smile. 

Once that is done, the procedure itself is a three step process. First, the dentist surgically places the implant in the jaw. Once the implant is placed, just above the top of the bone, the gum is secured over the implant, which remains covered for three to six months while it fuses with the bone. 

Once the implant has fused effectively with the bone, it is uncovered and the dentist will attach an extension or post. This is the piece that will attach to the replacement tooth or teeth. Sometimes the post is a single unit including the new tooth, and sometimes it’s a two step process, depending on the individual case. 


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What is the cost of a Dental Implant?

The cost of a dental implant varies from case to case. In order to build exactly the right restorative solution for each patient, our dentists need to have a full consultation, including an examination of your oral health, the health of the bone area, and a variety of other factors. Without knowing the situation, it’s impossible to pinpoint an accurate price.

How long will the process take?

This really depends on the type of placement. A 2 stage implant placement takes up to 4 months, whereas an immediate placement is a much shorter timeline. Again, it’s very dependent on your individual situation.

How long will an implant last?

Great question! With the right care routine, including regular visits to a Dental Hygienist and a Dentist, as well as good oral home care, a well placed dental implant can last for a lifetime.

How will I know that an implant is the right service for me?

The only way to know is to have a consultation with a Dentist. Every mouth is different, and there are a lot of different factors that help a dentist determine what time of restoration would be the most effective for an individual.






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